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Working on our allotments promotes healthy outdoor activity in a tranquil and predictable environment. With a greenhouse and sheds on-site theres always plenty for everyone to do!


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Art & Textiles


The Art & Textiles Studio is a creative environment where a wide variety of media are used to produce individual and group artworks.



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Life Skills


Life Skills caters to people of all levels of ability, helping them to develop the skills essential for day to day independence in a relaxed yet productive environment.


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Personal Social Development (PSD)


Our Personal Social Development lounge is an extension of our Life Skills department, offering support to people that already live independently or are close to doing so. Focussing on Social Understanding and Social Communication, PSD supports people toward gaining the skills necessary to move further forward in their lives.


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Social and Creative Studies (S&CS)


Our Social and Creative Studies department was developed to provide diverse opportunities for personal growth and social interaction. As well as a range of craft and creative activities, S&CS works in partnership with our Horticulture Department, providing an enterprise aspect and money handling experience which together are broad skills toward employment opportunities.


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Music, Movement and Wellbeing (M,M&W)


Our Music, Movement & Wellbeing Department was created from the merger of our former PE and Computers departments. The concept is to allow the people who access M,M&W more opportunities in different areas around the centre during their sessions. The sessions will promote wellbeing through increased physical and social activity, participation in music and drama activities and the development of better social understanding.


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