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We are currently remodelling our service in a new and exciting direction. We are introducing two new activities, Music, Movement & Wellbeing, which aims to give people more choice in the  activities they take part in during their sessions and Creative Studies which will be replacing woodcraft as an activity.

We will be merging the instructor's skill sets and resources from our former PSD, PE & Computer Departments and incorporating the Music Cabin & Sensory Room into the new M,M&W program. The transition will be gradual, allowing people who enjoy their current activities to be able to continue with their ongoing projects and goals, while having the opportunity to broaden their horizons by trying a wider range of different experiences if they wish to.

As well as the new Music, Movement & Wellbeing sessions we are introducing a second new department, Creative Studies, more details of which will be appearing soon.


Woodcraft: Notice of changes.


From the 18th September 2019 we will be closing woodcraft as an activity and replacing it with Creative Studies. Kylie Hitch will be moving from our Art & Textiles department to run the new Creative Studies department, her skill set being perfect for the new role.

Creative Studies will still involve some woodwork for those that attend our woodwork or woodcraft sessions, but it will be more craft centred and allow for a wider range of person centred activities to be undertaken. Woodwork skills can still be learned but they will focus more on hand and traditional tool use.

As well as learning and using traditional wood crafting skills people will have the opportunity to try different things, both on and off site, including gaining skills and new abilities to help them toward eventual employment. It is a new and exciting venture for the Jigsaw Centre and more details will appear soon.




Working on our allotments promotes healthy outdoor activity in a tranquil and predictable environment. With a greenhouse and sheds on-site theres always plenty for everyone to do!


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Art & Textiles


The Art & Textiles Studio is a creative environment where a wide variety of media are used to produce individual and group artworks.



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Life Skills


Life Skills caters to people of all levels of ability, helping them to develop the skills essential for day to day independence in a relaxed yet productive environment


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