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The workshop offers opportunities to work on personal and group woodwork and craft projects in an industrious environment, using a wide selection of hand and machine tools.


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Working on our allotments promotes healthy outdoor work in a tranquil and predictable environment. With a greenhouse on-site theres a variety of lighter tasks available all year round so always plenty for everyone to do!


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The Art & Textiles Studio is a creative environment where a wide variety of media are used to produce individual and group artworks.



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P.E. Activities: We have many activities on offer, both indoor and outdoor, to suit any weather conditions.



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The computer suite is equipped with current technology PC's and tablets and can cater to people of all levels of ability in a calm, quiet and focussed environment.


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Life Skills caters to people of all levels of ability, helping them to develop the skills essential for day to day independence in a relaxed yet productive environment


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The Personal Social Development Lounge is an extension of our Life Skills provision. PSD aims to support those who already own the basic skills needed for independent living.


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Our Sensory Room can be used by anyone who attends our centre and can cater for those with both hyper and hypo sensitivities.



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Our Music and Drama Cabin offers a range of musical instruments and costumes for people to try out. The cabin gives people the chance to explore and develop their interests in a fun and safe environment.


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