Computer Suite

The Computer Suite features current technology high spec PC's and tablets, backed up with business speed fibre broadband and a BT wi-fi hub.

We offer opportunities to learn and develop basic computer skills, from learning how to turn your computer on, through using creative programmes to create work around your own interests, to word processing and browsing the internet.

Anyone can learn to use a computer to some degree and we set end goals and learning steps to help people achieve realistic outcomes.


This is Matt Stypulkowski.


Matt is our IT and Computers Instructor.


As well as instructing in the Computer Suite, Matt has been instrumental in helping to set up and run our Music Cabin.


Matt is currently taking sabbatical leave.

This is Barbara Fulcher.


Barbara will be providing covering instruction in the Computer Suite while Matt is taking his sabbatical leave.


Barbara will continue to develop our People's pages section.

The People's Pages

Most of the people's pages section of our website is produced during sessions in the Computer Suite.

'Clicking' on the pictures of the contributors will take you to the pages they have compiled to share their particular interests with others.


This is Kris.


Kris creates a wide selection of art in various different media and would be very happy for you to spend some time looking at some of the artwork he has produced at Jigsaw.


'Click' on Kris's photo to view his work.


This is Derek.


Derek has been interested in antiques and architecture for many years and would like to share his interests with you.


'Click' on his photo to visit his antiques and architecture pages.

This is Sue.


Sue is currently compiling a complete history of 'Dumbrill' dough mixers. Sue is planning to compile web pages on many of her interests which include native bumble bees, windmills, buses, trains and firemen's uniforms.


'Click' on Sue's photo to learn more.

One of our regular visitors, Stephen, enjoys charting the weather activity around our local area.


'Click' on the weather icon to visit his weather page.

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