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The Silver Plated Sauce Ladle

The Silver Plated Ladle Story


The Sauce Ladle was given to me by my mum’s friend Pamela.


It had belonged to Pamela's parents, Mr John Alfred Crab & Mrs Nelly May Crab, as it had been given to them as a wedding present.


I have been researching the origins of the source ladle and information about the names of parts of a sauce ladle.


I have found out that;

1. The bottom part of ladle is called a bowl.

2. The top part is called a handle.

3. The middle part is called a stem.

4. The next part is called a shoulder.

5. The next part is called a drop.


My ladle is a Sheffield silver plated sauce ladle, in highly collectable old English pattern by William Hutton & Sons. 

It is estimated to have been made between “1900 to 1910”.


A letter from the Queen!

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