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This page highlights architecture of interest to Derek which he would like to share.

Secret Victorian Underground Tunnels in London

The architecture of these tunnels thoroughly interests me.

The curve on the top of the tunnel which comes down on both sides is fascinating. I like the way that the cement is narrower between the red bricks than how the modern houses are built.

I like that some of the tunnels were accessible by pedestrains in Victorian times. I also like the rough masonry when you walk along the base of the tunnel, the sound of the loose stones is a lovely sound. I like the London Sewer Tunnels as well because of the different coloured tones of the bricks on the sides of the tunnels; for example, some are very dark red and some others are not so dark.

I also like the tunnel I went into under the Thames, because it had a little round tower, whereby you had to walk down a spiral staircase which I had to walk down to get to the entrance of the tunnel. In some of the walking tunnels, there are round holes in the top of the tunnels that allows water to trickle down into the tunnel, and I like this because it gives the tunnels character. Sometimes there is a metal lid at the top of the tunnels to access them, and there is a metal bannister connected to a ladder for people to get into them. 

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