Sue's Pages - The Dough Kneadin' Line!

A tribute to Dumbrill dough mixers, their history and Sue's personal perpectives on them.

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Mann's Bakery- a childhood memory  (click here)


The Dumbrill Dough Mixer  (click here)


The Pre War Dumbrill  (click here)


The Post War Dumbrill  (click here)


Albert William Dumbrill  (click here)


Company History  (click here)


Customers  (click here)


Dumbrill Ovens & Plant  (click here)


New Use for Old Machines (click here)


Preserved Dumbrills  (click here)


2 Dumbrill Daydreams  (click here)


Dumbrills on Video  (click here)


More details for the rivet counters!  (click here)


Notes  (click here)


Dumbrill Publicity (click here)

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