Welcome to the people's pages!

These pages are for people who use our centre to share their ideas and interests with visitors to our website.

Just click on the persons picture to visit their page.


Emily is both a keen musician and artist. You can see examples of Emily's artwork and hear her music if you 'click' on the picture of the papier mache cat she made.

Graeme has done a tandem parachute jump! 'Click' on his page sign to see it.


You can also see him hard at work on Jigsaw's alotments.


Kris would like to share with you some of the paintings and scuptures he has completed here at The Jigsaw Centre.


'Click' on Kris' Stone Henge watercolour to visit Kris' art page. 

Sue has an interest in Dumbrill dough mixers. Sue particularly likes the mechanical motions of these mixers and she has acquired an extensive knowledge of the brand and its history.

'Click' on the image to visit her pages.



Tony loves the popular music of the 1960's and also enjoys the 70's and 80's. He is interested in many aspects of the culture of that era and as well as his penchant for music enjoys TV and Films from those times. He would like to share some personal art of icons from those eras.


Derek is interested in antiques, especially crockery, glass and cutlery and he has started a page to showcase some of his favourite pieces.

Click on the image to visit his antiques page.



This is a short biography on the life and career of Sandie Shaw that Derek wrote as a project.

Click on the image to read it.




Stephen is very interested in the weather and especially what weather events are happening around our local area.


'Click' on this weather symbol to visit Stephen's weather page.

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